How to Save the Bees!

As of 2016, bees were labeled as going extinct. Knowing this, who’s to say that bees will be alive over the next couple of years?
According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Services and USATODAY, the rusty patched bumblebee is going extinct and endangered throughout the United States.
Bee extinction is happening at a fast rate, because of pesticide use, climate change, loss of habitat, and the decreasing population size. What’s the problem with bees going extinct? Bees do more than just sting people.
These insects pollinate fruits, seeds, and vegetables, and it’s not only the bumblebee that is at risk, it’s other species in different parts of the world.
If we don’t have bees this means we also don’t have forests, meadows, and parks. All of these areas could be gone since bees are becoming endangered.
Without bees, we will have less fresh food, which is important for everyone.
The yellow faced bee species in Hawaii have also been disappearing due to these same problems.
So what can we do to save the bees? People can plant trees, specifically a tree that is native to the bees, like hazel and alder trees.
If you want to go all out, plant a garden, and if you are doing this remember not to utilize pesticides in any way.
You can also leave spots of the grass unmowed during the warmer months, this helps the bumblebees come to your house, instead of going to places that aren’t native to them.
The tall and shorter pieces of grass protect, provide shade for them. When a patch isn’t mowed, weeds will grow and when they do you can be sure the bees will follow.
This makes them believe your backyard is a safe place to make their nests, because of the food.
Another simple step you can take to protect the bees is something that seems more like a chore in the fall.
You can quit raking the leaves, as this provides bees with what they would consider a secure home.
When you’re at the grocery store, you can buy organic and local fruits and vegetables. Bees pollinate fruits and vegetables.
When you buy fruits and vegetables that aren’t organic they have harmful chemicals that could hurt the bees over time.
All of these simple actions help to save the bees and their homes. Will you try to help the endangered bees?


Protesting Against the North Dakota Pipeline

Sports Section Editor

In 2014, there was news about building a pipeline from North Dakota through Illinois. The reason for the pipeline is so oil can be transported. Once news spread about the plan, Native American tribes were not happy about this.
After two years of planning, the construction of the pipeline began. Protestors began spilling out onto the land. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says the construction of the pipeline will destroy their sacred and ancestral lands.
The tribe’s chairman said the tribe doesn’t condone violence, so the tribe will remain peaceful throughout the protest.
Law enforcement officers said they were attacked with pepper spray, rubber bullets, and sound concussion cannons. They said since they were being attacked, the officers needed to use pepper spray, tasers, and sponge and bean bag rounds.
The officers arrested around 140 people, and one man was treated for an injured leg.
A federal judge denied the tribe to ending the construction of the pipeline, so the tribe still has to fight against the pipeline.
The Obama administration said the US Army Corps of Engineers would look over how the pipeline would affect the environment. It could affect it by causing an oil spill which would kill many animals and crops. So, the construction of it will not continue until the final decision of the pipeline is made.
Right now, the tribe is hoping for a new route for the pipeline to go through that won’t go through their land.
For now, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe will have to keep their heads up in the hope that the construction of the pipeline won’t continue.

Let’s All Take A Stand

Editorial Editor
“Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. In the ages between fifteen to twenty-four, there were 6,078 deaths that had occurred in the past year,” Bullying Suicide Statistics proclaimed.

As young children, we are taught to treat others the way we would want to be treated. We were told that everyone is equal, no matter how big or how small.

As you get older and the world changes, those morals and rules might change throughout the events that occur in one’s life as well. You develop a personality and develop opinions towards certain subjects that people might not agree with.

You start to develop a sense of style and purpose for you being put into this world. Many others might have issues trying to accept you as a person.

Bullying is a global issue that can lead to suicidal thoughts. Sometimes those who bully are being mentally or physically abused in their own household.

They may not know how to understand or cope with the remarks being made so they bully those around them to try and make themselves forget about the pain.

It’s a healing mechanism that some find relaxing, because once they are in control, and they are bullying that other person, their personal problems lesson.

We don’t realize the destruction it brings to the world and the affect it has on one’s life and their family.

Let us all be the bigger person, and when you witness a bully attacking someone, stand up for them or tell someone that you know can help them.

Let us all be good bystanders and not let bullying continue!

The Clowns Creating Chaos

Sports Section Editor

Over the past month, there have been sightings of clowns around the country. It started as a harmless thing, but now it’s turned into something bigger.
Recently, the reports are getting more worrisome. In Columbus, Ohio a teenager reported a clown was chasing him with a knife.
Another incident happened in Reading, Pennsylvania when a teenager was fatally stabbed after a scuffle involving a person wearing a clown mask.
A school in Ohio closed because there were people reporting that they saw clowns around the school harassing children.
We know a lot of the clowns dressed up are just people trying to fool around, but some of the clowns are most likely a danger to people.
People shouldn’t have to worry when trick-or-treating, considering the number of people who will be out on Halloween night.
As trick-or-treat approaches, try to be careful when you’re out on Halloween. Don’t go out by yourself, stay out of dark alleys, and check your candy after trick-or-treating!
Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and get as much candy as possible.

Kim Kardashian West: Nine Million Dollars Worth of Jewelry Robbed

BY ILYANA CORREA-Editorial Editor

This Monday, just after midnight, none other than Kim Kardashian West spent some time in France. She was held in her hotel because of a burglary. “She was robbed of about 8 million euros or $9 million dollars worth of her jewelry,” French officials had said in New York Times.

She was attending an important Fashion Week reception and dinner while in Paris. She posed for a few paparazzi with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian before heading back to her room.

“About two and a half hours later was when the robbery had occurred. She was alone in her enriched apartment when two men had burst into her room, tied her up, gagged her, and escaped with the grand prize,” New York Times had mentioned.

Many fans had heard the horrible news minutes later and started to tweet on Twitter and post on her Instagram page asking if she was okay and that she should have had more protection.

Meanwhile, Kanye West, her husband, was performing at one of his concerts in Queens, New York and had heard the news. “He abruptly walked off the stage,” was mentioned in the article in New York Times.

This situation created chaos, confusion, and unwanted attention in France because of all the terrorist attacks being made there recently. This totally turned France around and has made the world a more judgmental place to freely speak their opinionated minds about the French police and how they run their country.

There was not much evidence as to why she was alone and why she was carrying jewelry that equaled to that much money, but it did mention the two men forcing the concierge to tell them where she was. “Police officials and the mayor of Paris vowed to get to the bottom of the crime and to reassure their citizens, and foreigners that the French capital was safe to visit,” was also mentioned by Adam Nossiter and Elizabeth Paton from the New York Times.

France is completely apologetic towards this foul situation and her lack of security during her vacation there.

As always, France tries their hardest to make sure everyone who lives there and vacations there is completely safe.

“They See Me Rollin'”


According to, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2013, he became the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and the first pope elected from the Americas.

Now better known as Pope Francis, he chose his papal title after St. Francis of Assisi of Italy.¬†For the first time since he’s been elected, Pope Francis visited the United States of America on an apostolic journey. He spent two and a half days in Washington D.C. on September 22-24, two and a half days in New York City on September 24-26, and two days in Philadelphia on September 26th and 27th.

Pope Francis was greeted with overwhelming crowds in each city, filled with both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. His face and name were plastered across newspapers and websites, and even made an appearance on one of SnapChat’s location filters, with the caption “They See Me Rollin,'” as he rode through towns in his white Jeep Wrangler Popemobile.

Freshman at George Washington University in D.C., Sera Royal, waited streetside patiently for the Papal Parade along the National Mall with fellow students beginning at 4 am, with the Pope’s arrival only expected around 11:00 am.
“Since I’m not Catholic, the pope isn’t really an important religious figure for me, so it was more his celebrity and especially his new approaches towards a lot of important issues,” Royal stated as her reason for camping out early on Wednesday the 23rd.

Pope Francis has been known for being more merciful towards those who may have broken the rules of the church in the past, such as abortion and divorce. He advocates that forgiveness should be given to those who put in the effort to ask for it.

Royal said that those around her were generally excited to see him, “Many of them were older people or mothers and their young children, and I think for them it was more about the religious experience.”

While most were there for positive reasons, Royal also saw protestors yelling and holding signs, “At one point it got pretty intense and the crowd that was there to see the pope started shouting at them to go home and then started shouting ‘Peace, Love, and Mercy!’ over and over again.”

However, Royal still sticks to the fact that it was a once in a lifetime experience she was happy to take part in, “Once the pope came, there were a lot of tears from the people around me – they saw the pope and it overwhelmed them.”

People traveled from every corner of the country to see Pope Francis, and his visit will be one that is remembered for years to come.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle


Getting rid of bad habits and adapting new ones has a bunch of benefits, but doing so is easier said than done.

A healthy lifestyle requires you to get regular exercise. The American Heart Association recommends 30 to 60 minutes of exercise four times a week.

Eating healthy is also a big factor if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on fats, oils, and junk food, like chips or candy, is very important.

Maintaining a healthy mind is as important as maintaining a healthy body. When you have a healthy mind, you make better decisions for your lifestyle and health.

Keeping your body free from smoking, drugs, and alcohol is important for a healthy lifestyle. Tobacco causes more health problems than any other drug, and it is the most addictive.

Alcohol is also very dangerous towards your health. It can cause liver damage and car accidents.

Getting regular health checkups is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You should also be aware of the diseases that your family has a history of, like pancreatic cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Lastly, you should keep up to date with your shots.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of commitment and hard work, so start small and work your way up!